Not everyone is ready to get full tattoo sleeves, considering how big the tattoo is and how visible it is. So if you wish to have a full sleeve tattoo, you got to be comfortable with people checking out your tattoo and approaching you about it. And besides that, you should also be very sure about the particular full sleeve tattoo design that you are using and so that you won’t have any regrets in the future.

The time and cost of a full sleeve tattoo also vary, and it all depends on which artist you choose to help you get the tattoo done and the amount of work he has to do. Normally, if you are getting a tattoo done by a more popular tattoo artist, it is going to cost more. And also, if your tattoo design is complex and takes more time to complete, it is also going to be more expensive as well. So you should always speak to your tattoo artist to check out more information before getting your tattoo.

For your reference, here are a few full tattoo sleeves designs that are very popular:

Tribal Sleeves
Tribal sleeves are usually made up of bold, black patterns. Tribal tattoos are tattoos that tribal warriors get to protect themselves during the war and also to ward of bad spirits.

Japanese Sleeve Tattoos  
Usually bright in color and rich in detail, the Japanese sleeve tattoo is also a popular choice. It is also commonly worn by the Japanese gangsters or known as, Yakuzas.

Flame Sleeve Tattoos
The flame sleeve tattoos is a very popular design amongst the younger crowd of tattoo lovers. When tattooed, it makes your fist looks like a fireball.

Celtic Sleeve Tattoos
The Celtic tattoo design is also a very popular design for a full sleeve tattoo. It is a symbol to glorify life and the creator of life in the Caledonia culture.

Although all these are great ideas for full sleeve tattoo designs, you should get a tattoo as long as you love it and not because it is popular or trendy. Come into our shop for a full sleeve tattoo design!

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