Tattoos for women are one of the latest beauty trends that’s hogging the limelight these days. Yes, tattoos are not the domain anymore of macho men. Ladies, too, have the right to wear cool and exciting tattoos. But unlike their male counterpart who decides to use tattoos to show off their masculinity to the extreme, ladies consider having one or two on their bodies as way of revealing their personal side.

Here are some of the latest trends in women’s tattoos:

Calligraphic Tattoo
One of the latest trends on tattoos for women is calligraphic-styled words found specifically on their back or side of the torso. It can be their surname, the name of their spouse or loved one, or a short, meaningful phrase. Other women have calligraphic tattoos as a way to express their religious or political meaning. At any rate, this type of tattoo is very effective in sending their message across.

Tattoo at Lower Back
Commonly called the tramp stamp, this has been a staple female tattoo since the 90s. It began as girls’ tattoo but eventually developed a sensual and even erotic connotation. In fact, girls have a hard time asking their parents’ permission to have this tattoo. It might have lost momentum the past few years, but it is still among the most sought-after ink that women enjoy having on their body.

Bright-colored Tattoos
Another trend on tattoo for women suggests getting one that boasts of strikingly bright and lively colors. This is a total deviation from the conventional dark and deep hues in tattoos that are worn by the men.

Pelvic Tattoos
This is a popular tattoo among the young ladies. One of the most common tattoos done on this area of the female anatomy is the small butterfly or star. Usually, girls have it done on the spot where their leg meets the torso just below the waist area.

One thing that women must remember is that the latest beauty trends in tattoo that might be “in” now can become outmoded tomorrow. This is why they must be careful in their choice of ink. Tattoos are bound to become a permanent feature in one’s body; hence, the perfect choice must be made to ensure that she will love seeing one in her body for the rest of her life. Come speak with our tattoo artist in Singapore today!

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