Tattoos for men are the most common form of self-expression nowadays. Men from all over the world are making tattoos on different parts of their body. One of the most usual places for getting this form of body art done is the arm. Arm tattoos have become very popular. It is one of the most visible places to get inked.

Getting a tattoo done in the arm is not just about making a fashion statement. The design you choose must have a personal connection with your persona so that you can cherish it for your lifetime. Your design will be preferred if you incorporate some individuality in it.

Tattoo designs have perpetually been popular among men. Some of the modern tattoo art designs that have gained immense popularity in recent times among tattoo enthusiasts include zodiac symbols, daggers and skulls, snakes and dragons, and tattoo lettering.They are the most preferred tattoo for men.

Below is a description of some tattoo designs for men:

Zodiac tattoos
Different symbols are used for depicting the various zodiac signs. Zodiac tattoos are men’s favorite. If you are an Aquarian & desire everyone to know your sun sign you can request your tattoo expert to design the zodiac symbol for you on your inner arm. You can also get your zodiac sign as well as the sign of your partner on your arm in various contrasting colors. It will look great if you entwine your Aquarian symbol with scorpion tattoos, which may be your girlfriend’s sun sign.

Tattoo Lettering
Different tattoo lettering styles are very commonly seen on the arms of men. These arm tattoos can draw the attention of people very fast. Sanskrit tattoo lettering styles are also very popular, and you can see a lot of men getting an ‘Om’ symbol on their arms. Many people even get something unique done on their arms by using Urdu or Chinese script.

Whatever design you opt for your tattoo you need to get it done from a professional tattoo artist. And also be careful about choosing the right design for yourself or else tattoo removal process would be a painful affair for you. Come speak with our tattoo artist in Singapore today!

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